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Bettering animal, human, and environmental lives every month

The Collective

We distribute The Collective donations across our partners

We subscribe to things all the time. Movies, music, and magazines; what if we subscribe to bettering animal, human, and environmental life globally? Every month, our collective members donate. Some can give a little, some can give a lot, but no matter the amount, you are making a difference.

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The Collective is a powerful tool because we distribute donations across all of our projects. From sea turtles, to clean drinking water, to land conservation, if you want to better animal, human, and environmental life but don't know which organizations to support, this tool is for you.


We make a bold promise to all of our public donors, The Collective members are included. 100% of donations go directly to our partners in the field. We also prove our work in our impact dashboard and post our financials for the public. 

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