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The Collective

Join The Collective and have your generosity distributed across all of our projects.

The Collective is a community of generous monthly donors that stick with us month after month. The average consumer has 12 paid subscriptions. What if we turned one of those subscriptions into changing animal, human, and environmental lives globally?

The Collective takes all donations and distributes them across all our projects where it is needed most. One month, it could be giraffe conservation, and next month, coral restoration.

Being a member of The Collective unlocks exclusive content such as emails, photos, videos, and blogs. We want to make The School an outstanding experience for all of those involved.

Most importantly, know that 100% of your donation will go directly to the field. We follow up and show you what your generosity has done to benefit the world.

Whether you can donate $10 or $1,000 every month, we encourage you to subscribe monthly. We have an opportunity unlike any other to make a significant impact on lives across the globe.


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