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Together we can make an extraordinary difference in shark life globally.

Sharks are an excellent representation of why we must act fast on our climate and conservation issues.

455 million years ago, sharks entered the ocean. They survived 5 mass extinctions (including the one that killed the dinosaurs).

Now, we are in our sixth mass extinction, caused primarily by human activity, and nearly 1 in 4 of these species are threatened with extinction.

We have an opportunity to help these sharks reverse the threat of extinction.

Our partner, Shark Trust, works to protect species, monitor responsible trade, and manage our fisheries. 100% of donations to our shark projects will go directly to supporting their extraordinary work.


Our Partner

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is a UK-based non-profit organization creating positive change for sharks. Shark Trust focuses on three conservation goals, species protection, fisheries management, and responsible trade. Outside of their conservation goals, they recognize shark conservation is driven by four agents of change, government, industry, scientists, and non-profits/NGOs.

They have engaged in numerous notable achievements including the landmark EU Finning Regulation (2013), regional action plans for critically endangered angel sharks and catch limits on Blue and Mako Sharks in North Atlantic fisheries. We are excited to be working with such an extraordinary organization that is blazing an impressive trail for shark conservation.

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