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About Us
About Us

The Hedrick Project is a Charlotte, NC-based Non-Profit Organization on a mission to better animal, human, and environmental life across the globe. We do this by:

  1. Raising awareness of our projects' needs

  2. Raising funds from individuals, communities, and corporations

  3. Executing our Transparency Promise, allowing our donors to know where their money is spent, follow a 100% finance model, and publicly disclose all of our finances.


We are committed to the sustainable implementation of our mission. To do this, we partner with INGOs, NGOs, and other Non-Profit organizations.

About our Partnerships

As a donor organization, we do not directly implement our projects. We partner with organizations across the world to assist with the implementation of our projects.

Similar to other donor organizations, The Hedrick Project connects with our partners for updates on project(s) progress to report back to our donors.


At the beginning of each partnership, you will be assigned one point of contact from The Hedrick Project for all of your needs. This point of contact will assist you in all of your reporting updates, media scheduling, questions, and concerns.

Memorandum of Understanding

Prior to receiving funds from The Hedrick Project, we ask our partners to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU can be revised to fit our partner's needs.


The MOU will include:

  • A Scope of Work/Budget

    •  We do not ask for an itemized budget, but as much information as you can provide is encouraged.

  • A timeline to utilize our funds

  • A reporting guideline (information below)

  • A media/marketing request from THP


The Hedrick Project spends a lot of our time reporting back to our donors on where their generosity has gone.


We want to foster a frequent and informal reporting culture between our organizations as we hope to work together for many years to come.


We will contact your organization quarterly via email with a survey attached to receive updates on progress. We ask our partners to provide as much detail on our surveys as possible.


The survey questions include:


  1. How has the project been progressing?

  2. Do you have any stories that our donors might like to hear about?

  3. Is the scope of work still within our expected timeline?

    1. What has changed timeline-wise?

  4. Is the scope of work still within our expected budget?

    1. What has changed budget-wise?

  5. Have any other projects come to mind that you would like funding for?

  6. Is there anything we can do to further support yourself or your organization?


We believe in our partners and their mission. We do not restrict our distributed funds to our partners. Our partner's time is better spent working on their mission, not filling out extensive paperwork, and adhering to intense guidelines.


All we ask in return is to fill out our quarterly reports, allow us to produce media,  and utilize our funds within the proposed budget/scope of work.

Media & Marketing

The Hedrick Project will generate targeted campaigns for our work together. To do this, we want to work continuously with our partners in creating stunning photos and videos to assist in our fundraising.


We plan to conduct multiple photo and video shoots to constantly create new media and marketing materials. These shoots could include site/facility visits, employee/volunteer shadowing, and employee/volunteer interviews, just to name a few.


Please note that we might ask to work with your organization's partners and photograph/video their work as well.


The Hedrick Project will work with your organization on any media we plan to create via proposals. Your organization will have the opportunity to approve, revise, and schedule our media shoots prior to creation.


The Hedrick Project also requests a standard folder of logos (black and white) from your organization and the ability to distribute those logos on our website's partners page and on potential marketing materials. If you would like to request approval on all of our materials, it can be outlined in the MOU.


In addition, if your organization has any photos, videos, or media that might assist in our campaign, we would greatly appreciate access to those files.


We are happy to share our media with your organization.

The Process

We will conduct an audit on your organization. We might have a few questions or request a site visit. 

1. Partner Audit & Screening

We will create our media proposal and send it to your organization to revise and schedule. 

2. Media Proposal & Planning

Following our media proposal, we will complete our production plans. We will develop media and marketing campaigns for our fundraising needs.

3. Production of Media

Our production and editing are complete - we will now fundraise for our project. If we are repeating partners, we will most likely have pre-raised funds.

4. Fundraising Begins
5. Execute MOU

We will put draft the MOU outlining our partnership and share it with your organization to revise and execute.

6. Transfer of Funds

We will get your bank details and complete the transfer of funds into your account.

Every quarter for a year, we will check in via survey to see how you are progressing. The more information you can give us the better.

7. Reporting

Please note that this process is beginning with no pre-raised funds. We hope for long-term partnerships with powerful media that will fundraise for multiple projects/tranches.

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