Build Your Own Position

Charlotte, NC, USA (Remote)

Volunteer/Unpaid Intern

About the Role

Our Build Your Own Position is a popular choice amongst our volunteers and interns. We believe you are at your best when you partner your skills with something that you are passionate about. We are giving you the ability to do just that.

Are you passionate about bettering animal, human, and environmental life across the globe? Building your position allows you to take your skills (whatever they are), and tell us how they will help THP. We encourage creativity, no position is too outrageous - it just depends on whether it is a good time to implement your ideas.

Our application process is a little different as we do not have a job description for you, you are writing your own! We will work with you to outline exactly what you are wanting to assist with and we look forward to hearing all of your ideas!


  • Experience within your proposed field.

  • Extraordinary communications skills internally and externally.

About the Company

The Hedrick Project is a non-profit organization on a mission to better animal, human, and environmental life across the globe. We cover work from clean water projects, to coral restoration, to sea turtle rehabilitation and protection.

We partner with extraordinary organizations across the world to help us sustainably execute our mission. We operate on a transparency promise. This promise includes that 100% of your donation goes to our partners. We separately fundraise to cover our expenses. The promise also includes that we prove all of our work to our donors and make our financials public and easily accessible.

The Hedrick Project organizes our missions into projects. You can donate to an individual project that interests you, or you can join The Collective, our community of monthly donors. The Collective donates monthly, and 100% of your generosity is distributed across our projects.