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Our Promise

We believe anyone who donates has the right to a few things: 

1. 100% of your donation directly funds your project. 

2. We prove our work to you. 

3. We post our finances publicly. 

The 100% Model

The 100% model means whatever you donate goes directly to the project of your choice. We raise money separately for rent, salaries, expenses, and other overhead costs. We even have two bank accounts to make sure your money is going right where it should. 


While this makes our world significantly harder, we want our donors to have the utmost trust in where their money is going. If they want to donate $100 to sea turtle rehabilitation, we even cover credit card processing charges because that is how much it means to us. 

Proving Our

Never will you question where your money has gone. We prove every project and all the progress that is being made. If it is a trash cleanup in the middle of the ocean, to drilling a well in South America, we are going to keep you up to date. 


Along with progress on your project(s), we will keep you up to date with everything that is going on within our company. While you might not be able to sit at board meetings, we will constantly fill you in on all the exciting news and growth. 

Our Finances

Every year, non-profit organizations have to extensively report their annual financials. This is so we can keep our tax-exempt status. We want to loop you in on that as well. 


From annual reports, audits, and form 990's, we have a finance page where you can get download our financial records and look them over yourself. 

This is all part of our mission to bettering animal, human, and environmental life globally. 


We want to be as transparent as possible on our mission to better animal, human, and environmental life globally. 

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