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Contribute to
The Hedrick Project

We invite you to bring your talents and passions on our mission to better animal, human, and environmental life globally.  

Why Contribute?

Expand Your Reach




Let's be selfish for a second. Whether you are a writer, photographer, or videographer, you will have an opportunity to get your work in front of a massive audience. 

Make An Impact



Trees Planted

Your work can make a real impact happen. That is why we ask for contributors. We closely monitor and report on the impact our donors make so that you can see your work's impact in real-time. 

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The power of storytelling is one of the most impactful tools that we have. As writers and storytellers, we have the opportunity to bring events, news, and action to life in front of our audience. 


A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Accurately capturing the emotion, tension, or severe nature of an event can bring people to action. Create action with your work. 

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Where photography and writing meet: video. Storytelling at some of its best and most impactful, is in the form of video. Create short form, long form, or anything in between. 

Our Contributors

Already a Contributor?

Access our submission portal to upload your work by clicking below:

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